AGM Minutes 2015

Minutes of Last Year’s Meeting

Minutes of 2014’s meeting could not be found. This was accepted as unfortunate but they would try to be located. This was a small meeting due to be located at Hurley when water levels were low.


Megan Wilson (Secretary), Alex Gampel (Team Manager) & Andy Aldred

Chairman’s Report

Lee Parry gave a summary of the year. The main points covered:

  • Hugely appreciated effort from all committee members.
  • Lots of new faces for freestyle events – new people coming into the sport.
  • Hopefully next year will build on this year’s success.
  • World and European championships are next year.
  • Stepping down as chair… thank everyone for the support.

Treasurer’s Report

2015 was an expensive year for the committee. This is mainly due to the cost of travelling to Canada for the 2015 World Freestyle Championships. This is normal however in the cycle of funding in that we plan over a two-year cycle, spending less money in the year of the Europeans and more in the year of the World Championships.

Currently there is £2933.67 left in the bank. Considering that we try and keep £2000 back for emergencies, this leaves only £933.67 for the European Championships which are before when BC releases the funds for next year in June. We will push for the funds to be released sooner to cover costs of entry etc.

Detailed report shown here:

Team/Competition Report

Tim Ward (GB Team Manager) discussed the events of the year surrounding the GB team. A summary of points is given below:

  • Good team spirt… performed as expected and excelled.
  • Those who were sitting at home struggled to get information about what was going on.
  • Difficulties with organisation and didn’t necessarily move the move the sport forward… but as a spectacle it was really good.

Youth Freestyle Report

Fewer people this year than hopped despite trying to make entry easier 18 at the Tryweryn. This is highly important for the future of the participation and performance of the sport.

Discussions took place surrounding who is the youth freestyle aimed at and what is the whole sport plan. It was commented that a whole sport plan need to be in place and be supported. Clubs currently don’t have the people to look up to and support.

Aaron, Bev and Matt support this and will do the same next year and will continue to do so if numbers start increasing. Aaron is happy to turn up with a Van full of boats.

It was noted that on behalf of freestyle – all are very appreciative of what they do.

HPP Course Changes

Matt Chadders presented on behalf of the HPP trustees some of the changes going on at HPP currently. Many paddlers are complaining about the course set up at the moment.

  • Course is heavily subsidised by county council.
  • Course needs to be commercially viable.
  • Focus is to make the WWC generate more income, particularly for White Water Rafting.
  • This is part of the plan for Cerco and the Trustees.
  • As part of this there was a reconfiguration for rafting over the summer.
  • There is a usergroup set up to ensure all users’ voice is heard including Freestyle.

ICF Rule Changes

Rule changes can be proposed every two years through British Canoeing. Given the lessons learnt from the World Championships in 2015, it was thought that the following should be considered in the future:

  • Standard 10 second buzzer that was audible from the feature.
  • Mangers meeting must be held 24 hours before with a provisional heat list. Final heat list 12 hours before the event starts.
  • Quarter final should be based on number of paddlers in heats.
  • Recommended heats of 5, maximum of 10.
  • Show all ride scores during finals, none during heats.
  • The squirt should take place within 50 meters of the freestyle venue accept when overruled by the ICF freestyle committee in the interests of the sport.

Thanks to retiring committee

Lee (Chairman) has decided to step down, as have Alex (Team Manager) and Andy Aldred (Committee). Thank you to all for their hard work.

Elections of new committee members

21 days ago we didn’t have any nominations for Chair, we do however now have two. Dee Paterson and James Ibbotson. A vote was held on the matter by those present. 13 votes for Dee, 8 votes for James with 4 Abstentions. There was one proxy vote but this would have made no difference. Dee voted as Chair of GB Freestyle.

Further committee members:

Alan Ward… Publicity. Lee Parry Nominated, Paula Volkma Seconded.

Viv Glaves… Welfare. Alan Ward Nominated, Pringle Seconded.

Two nominations were held for judging: Josh Wedgwood and Ben West. Josh Wedgwood was voted in.

Craig Ayres, Liz Witherford, Nicola Beebey and James Ibbotson were proposed by Lee Parry and Seconded by Dan McGaley as 4 co-opted positions.

Tim Ward Volunteered to be Team Manger. Nominated by Josh Wedgwood, Seconded by Viv Glaves.

Meeting Closed.