GB Freestyle Minutes 6-4-17


Andrew Jackson (AJ) – Chair

Josh Wedgewood (JW) – Vice Chair

Tim Ward (TW) – Team Manager

James Ibbotson (JI) – Events

Bev Chrimes (BC) – Treasurer

Dennis Newton (DN) – Performance Director

Viv Glaves (VG) – Welfare

Craig Ayres (CA) – Committee Member



Nicola Beeby (NB) – Committee Member

Megan Wilson (MW) – Secretary


Conflict of Interest


Craig and Tim have conflicts of interest regarding an application for mitigating circumstances and will not be voting on this matter.


Success Monitoring


Worlds Bid Achieved – a massive achievement and a corner stone of the 4 year plan going forward.


Monthly Finances


Nothing gone out since last meeting. Next funding pot due to come in June. Current balance £9352.65p




Monthly photo competition up and running received 20 and 15 entrances for the past months but entries declined last month. Alex and Harry challenged by James to come up with new ideas.


“This Girl Can” was published.


4 Year Plan


British Canoeing have issued their 4 year plan; “Stronger Together”. This Aims, Vision Ambitions, Key Performance Indicators. It fits very well with our aims moving forward, with close alignment in many areas such as quality competitions, athlete development, feature development and increased participation. The “plan for a plan” is for Josh to propose an aim, ambition and performance measures then work with key people to develop action plans to achieve these.




Mitigating Circumstances:


  • Template needed for application. – DN will draw one of these up.
  • One further application for mitigating circumstances received.
  • DN has created the panel formed of JW & Bruce Jolliffe to review the evidence and make a recommendation, this has been made to the committee.
  • AJ to send out an information email and come back with a vote by the end of Friday.
  • Highlighted importance of following the policy when making decisions.Selection Policy:
  • DN has updated 2016 to be a 2017 version.
  • JW to finish off and publish.
  • Committee does feel that the policy is holding us back at the moment and updating it for the next selections should be a priority
  • TW has everything ready for entries to open. Need to complete this week.
  • TW to send everything over to JW to publish on the website.World’s website up – lots of information around travel and food plans etc. now available.Judges for the worlds have been nominated to the ICF committee by Gemma Wiggs (British Canoeing). These are JW, Peter Harmer, Ben West and Paul Shepard.
  • AoB Terry Best has received a volunteer award from British Canoeing. The committee echoes British Canoeing’s thanks.Craig has asked if any progress has been made regarding the funding letter. No one had any knowledge of progress around this. Anyone who has done anything with it please let Craig know about progress.Ideas for funding the worlds are required. JW has asked everyone to circulate 5 ideas of fundraising ideas by Wednesday. JI has already said that one NFL’s money raised will go towards reducing team costs.European Championships are in Bratislava next year. DN to drop Nina/Peter a note regarding likely dates. We could end up in a scenario where we have to select a team before the current worlds. This must be managed carefully; a strong selection policy will help with this. 
  • Meeting Closed.

Next Meeting will be Thurs 4th May  at 19:30hrs via Goo

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