GB Freestyle Meeting 2-3-17


Andrew Jackson – Chair

Josh Wedgewood (JW) – Vice Chair

Megan Wilson (MW) – Secretary

Tim Ward (TW) – Team Manager

Bev Chrimes (BC) – Treasurer

Viv Glaves (VG) – Welfare

Nicola Beeby (NB) – Committee Member



Craig Ayres (CA) – Committee Member

Dennis Newton (DN) – Performance Director

James Ibbotson (JI) – Events





Conflict of Interest


There were no conflicts of Interest noted.




  1. Success Monitoring – MW asked if there were further items and events that needed to be added to the list. New this month was the fact that Lowri Davis has won the Nile River Festival- Congratulations.
  2. Monthly Finances – BC advised that there had been no changes.


  1. Monthly Publicity & Events – JI was absent from the meeting but had sent through the schedule for the European Open Event. Also Alex W and Matt had sent through a plan to AJ, of how they would like to take their new positions forward. JW advised that the European Opens Events would not be ECA, as they did not want them to be as structured as would be required for this. These were being advertised on Facebook and reaching paddlers in Europe. As well as being posted on the European events web page and on their calendar.


  1. Four Year Plan – The meeting at Nottingham was postponed due to low numbers. Looking to rescheduled for Mid-April. AJ advised that there are a lot of good ideas coming through but these need to be joined up. NB advised that with direction she would be happy to help with this, as is BC.
  2. Team Matters- A discussion was held regarding the provision of support staff, as the finances for the sport become tighter. Queries submitted by email from a team member were also discussed. DN had sent a questionnaire out to all team members and their preference was to have two team coaches and a manager. AJ had sent financial figures around to the committee on the costings of the various options. It was discussed that we could afford to fund the preferred option if each team member paid a contribution of £192.30. This option was agreed but with active fund raising to take place to try and cover this cost for athletes.
  3. TW is looking into the costings for team kit and will come back with some price comparisons. He is going to look into providing supporters kit to try and offset some of the cost of Team kit although a cost of £40 has been factored in to the cost of £192.30 that the athlete would be required to pay.
  4. Chair Update – AJ advised that he is looking to set up a facilities team, similar to that at Boulters Weir. Lee Parry is going to help with this. Lowri Davis is also looking at coaching development as there are going to be a lot of changes. This will involve a four hour basic coaching course.
  5. World Championships- The next stage for Nottingham to stage the World Championships will be held in Manchester on 24th March 2017with David Joy and we will await the outcome.


  1. Newsletter – Matt and Alex will be coordinating getting a newsletter up and running, it is hoped that different team members and junior paddlers could take it in turns to contribute to this.


There was no AOB. 

Meeting Closed.


Next Meeting will be Thurs 6th April at 19:30hrs via Google

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