GB Freestyle Meeting 2-2-17


Andrew Jackson – Chair

Josh Wedgewood (JW) – Vice Chair

Megan Wilson (MW) – Secretary

Tim Ward (TW) – Team Manager

James Ibbotson (JI) – Events



Bev Chrimes (BC) – Treasurer

Nicola Beeby (NB) – Committee Member

Craig Ayres (CA) – Committee Member

Viv Glaves (VG) – Welfare

Dennis Newton (DN) – coach





Conflict of Interest


Selections were to be discussed but it was agreed that this would have no direct impact on any member of the committee personally.




  1. Success Monitoring – MW asked if there were further items and events that needed to be added to the list. AJ advised that approval had been given by BC board for the Worlds bid at HPP and he is now to take this to the ICF board. He will be travelling to Barcelona with Gemma from BC to a ICF meeting to put our case across and then a further meeting in Manchester. A decision is expected in April.The Facebook photo completion is going well with 20 entries for January and so far 1 for February. January’s winner will be announced next week. Facebook posts are being well supported with 7k people looking at the European Open entry with 600 of those engaging.
  2. Monthly Finances – BC was absent from the meeting but had previously advised that currently there is £9307.75 in both accounts. It has already been agreed to give £1k to Young Guns this year. Other commitments that will need to budgeted for this year will be the Judging Seminar for which there will be 4 attendees. This is necessary every two years for judges to remain accredited. JW will come back next meeting with further details and costs surrounding this workshop.
  3. Monthly Publicity – JI advised that the Facebook page is having a good reach. An events calendar has also been produced. This will be uploaded to Facebook and Website and updated regularly. AJ has asked for more details to be circulated to the committee regarding the European Open Event JI & JW to action.
  4. Four Year Plan- AJ and JW in consultation on structure of Future of Freestyle (FOF) meeting and options for a Vision Statement for Freestyle. Anna Gray from BC has advised what would be expected from our four year plan. The FOF is being held at HPP 25-2-17. This is open to everyone with some invitations also being sent out. JW is sending out email invites out after this meeting.
  5. Team Matters- Selection dates have now been published. Jamie Austin will judge the squirt event. The selection policy has been looked at by BC and three amendments have been suggested:
  1. When appealing a decision on the day, currently this has to be done within 5 mins. This will now be extended to 20 mins for a verbal appeal and then followed up in writing by 30 mins.
  2. When discussing mitigating circumstances each case will be considered on its own merit and will not set a president for future events
  3. The wording surrounding holding a third event will be changed to may rather than will.


Examples for MC would include Bereavement of a close family member, planned travel outside of the country booked before announcement of the selection dates – proof of booking will be required.


The committee voted and approved the above changes to the selection policy and this will now be put on the website.


JW moved on to explain that he feels we should not be spending all of our money in going to events and with moving to the four year plan we should make sure that we have money left each year to support this.


A long conversation ensued with committee members discussing how this saving could be made and how this would affect the funding of the team. Several proposals were put forward. AJ will put these into an email and circulate so that the whole committee can give their views and vote.


A sensitive discussion was also held around an application for mitigating circumstances. This decision will be announced at a later date.


  1. Chair Update – AJ advised that he had put Terry Best and Matt Chadder   forward as our nominations for the Volunteer Awards.


He has also proposed that two non-executive places be created on the committee, this would mean that post holders would be able to advise on issues but not vote.


AJ proposed that Alex Walters and Matt Stevenson hold the joint posts of Press Officer and Youth Officer.


This was voted on and agreed by the Committee.






Meeting Closed.


Next Meeting will be Thurs 9th March  at 19:30hrs via Google

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