GB Freestyle Minutes 4-5-17


Andrew Jackson – Chair

Josh Wedgewood (JW) – Vice Chair

Megan Wilson (MW) – Secretary

Viv Glaves (VG) – Welfare

Tim Ward (TW) – Team Manager



Craig Ayres (CA) – Committee Member

Dennis Newton (DN) – coach

James Ibbotson (JI) – Events

Bev Chrimes (BC) – Treasurer

Nicola Beeby (NB) – Committee Member




Conflict of Interest


There were no conflicts of Interest noted.




  1. Success Monitoring – MW nothing new to report.
  2. Monthly Finances – BC was not at the meeting.


  1. Monthly Publicity & Events – JI was absent from the meeting but had sent through details of Nottingham Freestyle league, European Open and other events that he is very successfully running. BC would like a freestyle demonstration at the Slalom British Open. This would not be free but would help with costs. It was suggested that all events be encouraged to utilise the standard event registration system. This would be a good standard to have as records a data trail. It is also being looked at whether to host a website through BC as this would gain access to certain facilities.



  1. Four Year Plan – This needs to have fixed objectives that can be mapped across to BC objectives. An action plan needs to be devised.
  2. Team Matters- TW advised of number of entries for the Selection Events. He also advised of some possible mitigating circumstance applications. This was discussed and that the MC section of the selection policy would need to be adhered to. It was also discussed that the Team contract document would be re visited and amended if the committee felt that this was required. It was also agreed that a central depository for documents would be a good idea and the Google drive is still available for this. JW was to send the link and instructions for this.
  3. TW had looked into BC team kit and felt that this would not be suitable for our needs. He will investigate other options available. TW left the meeting.
  4. Following selection JW was to look into team accommodation. JW advised that information was already available on the event website.
  5. Scribe sheets had been completed and volunteers were required to help run the two selection events.
  6. Chair Update – Mitigating Circumstances were discussed and it was agreed that the MC forms be sent to the relevant parties by MW as the start of the process.Moving forward our sport needs more funding to try and support athletes attending this year’s Worlds. Each committee member has been asked to come up with 5 ideas of how this could be achieved.
  7. AJ is also to email an appraisal for the discipline chairs meeting for committee opinion.
  8. AJ also felt that a lot of work now needed to be done regarding the possibility of Freestyle becoming an Olympic event. JW is to promote this and put information on the website.
  9. AOB.- Our Terms of Reference need improving and AJ would like the coaches to write job descriptions for all the current roles to aid with this.Our terms of reference would be passed back to JW for him to encourage people to get involved. We need to improve our marketing and encourage for vacant roles to be filled. JW look into adding to Linked in.BC is asking about how we draw up our budget, this needs to be formalised.  
  10. Next Meeting will be Thurs 1st June at 19:30hrs via Google
  11. Meeting Closed.
  12. VG had stated that she wished to stand down from her role for Event Safety but wished to carry on with her Welfare post. She will continue for now but hopes that someone else can be found that can commit more time to this role.
  13. DN is working on a performance pathway and will report back to the committee every quarter.
  14. The subcommittee had met, Gareth (TVF), Grant Holworth and Lee Parry, and had discussed facility and feature development.
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