Minutes of Committee Meeting 6/7/17


Andrew Jackson – Chair

Josh Wedgewood (JW) – Vice Chair

Megan Wilson (MW) – Secretary

Tim Ward (TW) – Team Manager

Nicola Beeby (NB) – Committee Member


Bev Chrimes (BC) – Treasurer

James Ibbottson – {JI}

Conflict of Interest

An application for the waving of Team fees were to be discussed at the end of the meeting. Relevant parties who had a conflict surrounding this matter would leave before the end of the meeting.

Minutes of the June meeting will be agreed at a later date.

Success Monitoring

MW asked if there were further items and events that needed to be added to the list.

James Ibbottson and Emma Withertford had both medalled out in Makiniti. Boulters Flume had been installed and was being used.

Monthly Finances – BC was absent from the meeting. TW had advised that there had been an issue surrounding the clarity of payments through bank transfer. It was agreed that we need to clarify in future the need to put the team member name in the reference of the payment. 22 payments were required with 12 received. BC will be asked for an update. It was discussed whether those athletes competing in two events would need to pay twice. It was agreed that on this occasion the committee would cover the additional cost, as this is not usually the full amount for this situation.

Monthly Publicity – AJ has some concerns that this is not moving forward. Terms of reference have been written for a Marketing and Publicity officer post. These will be finalised and then circulated to see if there is an interested party to take on this role.

Four Year Plan– AJ advised that this had taken a bit of a back seat at the moment with a lot of other tasks being completed. JW has a rough draft, which he is completing, and hopes to circulate this for input by mid August.

Team Matters– AJ advised TW that an appeal from a junior lady for MC had been denied but a squad place would be available should she wish to take it.

Dennis Newton (DN) had won a place on the team and would like to take this. There were concerns that this may cause a conflict with his coaching and Performance Director duties.

AJ would also like to coach the GB team as well as Quim from Spain as he had coached him from when he was a teenager.

NB stated that she didn’t think that this would be any different to when a coach has two athletes in the same heat. The committee agreed.

A meeting had been held with AJ, JW,TW and Dave Newport to discuss DN’s situation.

It was agreed that the best way forward would be for DN to take his training time in Argentina either in the countries session before or after GB, so that both athletes and himself do not loose out on training.

It was also proposed that AJ would go to Worlds as a Coach and in all matters team would not act as Chairman. This is to avoid concerns in his ability to do both jobs as well as he would like. TW would take on the decision making lead role in all team matters whilst in training and competition at the worlds. The committee would nominate a representative as a committee contact for any issues that arise and Tim feels need further discussion.

AJ also advised the meeting that both himself and DN would be happy to only get paid half expenses as DN would be competing and AJ would be coaching Quim.

They also had approached Bruce Jolliffe (BJ) to see if he would be prepared to offer coaching to fill any gaps from DN and AJ other commitments. It seemed that he would be happy to do this, also at half the expenses cost. Three coaches would be available for the cost of 1.5. The committee agreed this proposal.

NB advised that athletes were unclear on what the £200 Team fee was going towards although she did feel that this had been clearly explained. TW will write a brief explanation for the second team meeting and answer any queries.

Further discussions followed regarding Team kit and accommodation. TW has samples for sizing of Kit coming and this will be used to place an order. It was agreed that information would be distributed around accommodation but athletes will be advised at Team Training this weekend that they will be responsible for booking their own.

TW will chase DN about getting a training schedule publicised.

First Team training is this weekend at HPP. TW left the meeting.

Events -JI was not present at the meeting but had advised that the Scottish Open had been cancelled; they are unable to create a feature. The Hurley Classic was looking for a new sponsor and the event was going to be moved to March time. This had been released on the webpage and social media.

Chair Update – AJ advised that Viv Glaves had stepped down as welfare and events officer, Alice Shute who carries out this role for the Hurley Classic was happy to carry this out for GB. The committee agreed this.

ICF required an athlete representative. AJ had put forward Claire O’Hara for this post as the closing date was today. The committee agreed with this decision.

The selection policy must be reviewed annually; a panel consisting of Rebecca Skirrow, DN, and Ben West are to review this. If a committee member wished to join this panel they are able to do so.

AJ is feeling that committee members are not supporting the workload and he would like to look at the current structure. If committee members feel that they can help with tasks could they give AJ a call or send him an email.

It was agreed that fund raising to cover the athlete’s team place cost of £200 would need to be led by the athletes. This will be discussed at team training.

AJ asked how committee members would feel if two face to face meetings were held a year. One South and one North. These would be at a weekend and a full day. It was agreed that this would be beneficial.

DN has been working on a performance pathway. Sue Walters and DN will work together on an application for a grant from Sport England to help with this project.

AOB – None.

A vote was taken on the request for a team member to be excluded from the £200 team payment. This request was denied and AJ would advise the athlete.

Meeting Closed.

Next Meeting will be Thurs 3rd August at 19:30hrs via Google