GB Freestyle Kayaking Committee Minutes 3-8-17





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Andrew Jackson – Chair

Josh Wedgewood (JW) – Vice Chair

Megan Wilson (MW) – Secretary

Tim Ward (TW) – Team Manager

Bev Chrimes (BC) – Treasurer

Nicola Beeby (NB) – Committee Member



James Ibbotson (JI) – Events




Conflict of Interest


No conflicts were reported


Success Monitoring


After 2017 training GB has the following qualified judges

Grade A

  • Peter Harmer
  • Josh Wedgewood
  • Paul Shepherd
  • James Ibbotson
  • Charlie Brackpool
  • Claire Ohara


Grade B

  • Ben West
  • Meg Edmonds
  • Nick Morton

The committee thanks these people for taking the time to train and take on these vital roles.



The next edition of Go Canoe on Sky Sports features team GB Athlete and multiple world champion

Claire O’hara. The show will be broadcast on Sky Sports Arena on Monday 14 August, currently scheduled

for 22:00 Also Sky subscribers can watch Go Canoe via the Sky On Demand service.


Matt Stevenson came 1st and Alex Walters Second in the Masters of Water in Sweden

Well Done!


A new freestyle feature has been built on the Legacy Course at Lee Valley – feedback so

far has been positive.




TW advised that all of the GB Team had paid their fees except one, whose payment is imminent.




Four Year Plan


JW stated that this is on track


Team Matters


TW advised that all kit sizes have now been received and the order has been passed to BC. He has has also attained quotes for supporters kit and is progressing this. BC had not been able to offer any designs for supporters kit, therefore he has gone to a previous supplier and they have recommended a polo shirt which will have the standard GB logo and the wording GB Freestyle Kayaking. These will be at a wholesale cost of £18 incl VAT and will be sold at £20 per item to help aid with expenses. Delivery is expected within 6 weeks for all kit.


TW also made the committee aware that there is an issue with one of the Junior athletes. The athlete did not wish to have his parents on the river bank whilst competing and his parents did not want to travel to the event. A request for Loco – parentis has been submitted. However, there is an issue with this as all parents of juniors had been request to sign a document stating that a primary carer would be present throughout the duration of the event. It was felt that this request was in conflict with this requirement.


An involved discussion was held with different committee members putting their thought forward. It was agreed that Rebecca Skirrow would be asked to see if the Locoparentis agreement would fall into line with the primary carer requirement. If this was the case and more than one person was agreeable to act as Loco parentis, then this requirement would be met and the decision would then lie between the athlete’s parents and the persons approached to carry this responsibility. The persons involved would report back to the committee.


TW is chasing the next team training dates from DN.


TW also stated that he wanted to make the last team training special and a suggestion had been made that Ivan Lawler MBE President of BC be asked to present the team with their kit and take part in some training. It was also suggested that Etienne Stott could come and talk to the team about what is important on the mind set of an Olympic Athlete. TW will speak to DN about these ideas.


AJ asked TW if team fund raising had been discussed at the last team training as requested. TW felt that it hadn’t. JW will put a statement on social media asking team members and parents to get involved and see if there are a few that would be happy to take responsibility for this.


BG asked if some feedback could be sent to HPP regarding the new configuration of the course. This has been a long time coming and has seen many discussions between the course and Matt Chadder. If we show that we feel that is is a good change this can now become the default setting for the course. BG will provide contact details and a letter will be sent.




NB advised regarding the European Open event , this is all moving forward and work is taking place om promotional material. John Allars is to be approached regarding setting up the entry system.

NB asked which account payments would be going into after comments following last year. After a discussion it was agreed that these would go into the Freestyle account, the entry system gives a payment reference which should be added into the bank transfer reference and BG will send NB a list of who has paid.


BG is also going to approach the bank to see what options are available , possibly opening a subsidiary account just for entry payments.


AJ will send MW Alice’s email details so that she can be added to the committee distribution list.


The Selection Policy review is on-going and AJ will report back next meeting.





MW raised the issue of this year’s ACM – this will be held at HPP and AJ will send a list fo dates to members to agree the best dates for this.


Meeting Closed.