GB Freestyle Kayak Committee Minutes 5-10-17

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Andrew Jackson – Chair
Josh Wedgewood (JW) – Vice Chair
Megan Wilson (MW) – Secretary
Tim Ward (TW) – Team Manager
Nicola Beeby (NB) – Committee Member
Craig Ayres – Committee Member
Alice Shute – Safety and Welfare Officer

Bev Chrimes (BC) – Treasurer

Conflict of Interest

JW would leave the meeting when team matters are discussed.

Success Monitoring

JW has been awarded the position of head judge at the Worlds with Paul Shepherd and Peter Harmer also taking judging roles.

NB advised the committee of the success of the European Open event held at Nottingham.

Harry Price – Junior men’s Champion
Ottilie Robbison -Shaw – Junior Ladies Champion
Lowri Davies – Women’s Champion
Rob Crowe – Men’s Champion
James Ibbottson – C1 Champion
Dave Rogers – Squirt.

NB and JI have requested that the profit from the event be used to help fund athletes taking part in the world Championships.
AJ agreed with this but also felt that some should be kept back to help fund the event in the future.

The event had been extremely successful with 128 paddlers attending with 60 of these being Novice. Total revenue was £3,600 with the course fees and expenses still to be removed from this.

NB will go back to the organising committee to get their views on what the funds should be spent on and report back to the committee and BC.


BC was not at the meeting.
AJ advised that British Canoeing had released our funds now. This had been held back as awaiting budget information.

Four Year Plan

JW has completed a draft document. He will sit down with AJ and DN and report back after this meeting. BC are pleased that this is tying and linking in with their objectives.


AS has taken over as the safety and welfare officer role and has completed a welfare plan. She just needs some logos and someone to read this through before publishing.
She is attending children’s protection and DBS training and will also be contacting all event organisers to let them know that she is there to help and make them aware of her new policy.

AS asked if we require our own safety plans for the Worlds. AJ advised her to contact Anna Grey from BC for advice on this.

An issue regarding a junior athlete attending the Worlds without parents has been resolved after taking advice from Rebecca Skirrow and BC. AJ advised that if any committee members had concerns regarding this to speak to him.

Chair Report

A grant has been submitted to Sport England with the help of Sue Walters. This is to help with the 4 year plan and provide Freestyle Representatives to travel to clubs and help demonstrate and advice regarding Freestyle. We are asking for a grant of £10k.

After some discussion it was agreed to hold the ACM on the 9th December at 7pm in the BC offices at Nottingham.

Offices up for renewal are Chair for 2 years and Secretary for 1 year. Other posts will be described in line with the new structure and 4 year plan.

AJ has reviewed the selection policy, as this has to be done annually. He has completed a first draft and this should be ready for the next meeting.

AJ would like to have a subcommittee dealing with team selection so that the main Committee can deal with improving our Grass Roots performance.

Team Matters

JW left the meeting.
TW advised that our entry had gone into BC. Gemma Wiggins of BC had even commented on how efficient Tim had been!

He has assumed that athletes in multiple events would only have to pay one accreditation fee, this has been paid from funds.

Once it is known how much it will be for the judges to attend, this will be divided up between all countries attending and paid at the event. BC will take this out of our account and invoice us.

TW advised that he had posted on websites and Social Media regarding extending the BC competition insurance to cover the rest of the trip. This is very reasonable but would be payable by individual athletes. The committee will only pay for insurance whilst competing. Individuals must check that the cover meets their needs.

14 Supporters shirts have been sold and the Team kit is nearly ready. The majority of this has been delivered and will be presented by Ivan Lawlor – President of BC at the team training on Saturday.



Meeting Closed – Next Meeting 2-11-17