GB Freestyle Committee Minutes 01/02/2018

Attendance & Apologies


Andrew Jackson – Chairman

Joshua Wedgwood – Vice Chairman

Nicola Beeby – Treasurer

Alice Shute – Welfare

Justin Bunn – Welsh Representative

Rachel Dance – Scottish Representative (Present past 8.15pm)

Lee Pary – Events

Gav Barker – Member



Craig Ayres – Member

Tim Ward – Team Manager


Conflict of Interest

  • Jacko is event organiser for Hurley Classic, Lee is heavily involved.
  • Nicky and Gav trying to compete.

Success Monitoring

  • 2017 World Freestyle Kayak Championships
    • Top the Medal Table at the 2017 World Freestyle Kayak Championships
    • 3 Golds, 2 Silvers, 2 Bronze
    • 3 British Judges at the event including Chief Judge
    • 2 British ICF Committee members in attendance
  • Increase in the budget for GB Freestyle from £10000pa to £20000pa allows potential for far more projects to be undertaken

Finance and Budget

Increase in Budget

Jacko travelled to London to talk to British Canoeing including David Joy (CEO). BC will release funds once each programme is costed and underway.

  • £10000 Team – Whole Performance Pathway
  • £4000 INSPIRE Programme – Train up 8 to 10 Coaches, allows club visits to promote freestyle including Performance Pathway, Younguns, other events and BC award Structures
  • £1000 for Committee Expenditure
  • £5000 for Events

Changes in Banking Proposal

BC are asking for all banking to be done via British Canoeing Finance Organisation.

Member asked if funds are generated from an event, the only way of banking the funds are through British Canoeing. Will that have an impact on the future grant? Jacko thought not.

Point of Vote: Everyone in agreement that Jacko, Nicky and Bev to explore further BC taking over managing the funds.

Hurley Classic Funding

Jacko has asked for £2000 to be put towards the Hurley Classic.

Jacko is moving towards making the event a charity, this helps the financials of the event. It is unlikely to be sorted by the 17th March and hence help is required this year.

Point of Vote: Jacko and Lee stepped out of the call due to conflict of interest. Committee voted unanimously to accept the £2000 cost towards the classic.

Athlete Rebate and Coach Costs for Argentina 2017 World Championships

Cannot calculate the athlete rebate until the funds form the European Open are reconciled. Expenses are now from coaches and team managers. River legacy funding is now in. £7000 was total agreed budget.

4 Year Plan

4 Year Plan to be sent out committee. Requires involvement from willing members, use the Hurley Classic as a roll-out. For all committee members, to review and suggest improvements.


Upcoming Events

  • Hurley Classic – 17th & 18th March
  • Date for Welsh Open – 6th May
  • European Open including British and Club Championships scheduled for September
  • Event in Wales – Justin & Lowri
  • Event in Scotland – Rachel/Bruce
  • Lower Key – Boulters & Tees
  • Younguns – Dates have been set.
  • Nottingham Freestyle League and Cardiff Freestyle League

Welsh & Scottish Matters

Justin is focused down in South Wales.  Rachel made a good point around incorporating any events into a bigger series.

INSPIRE programme we would like 2 from Scotland and 2 from Wales.


Nothing new to report. Will be helpful, for event dates to be released.

Team Matters

Selection Dates

Selection Dates, 21st April is proposed however this is not in line with the 3 months’ notice required by the selection policy. 19th May was a backup event but suggest this is the main date. Inlet gate in the morning and twin waves in the afternoon. 26th May as the backup date.

Point of Vote: All in agreement. Nicky and Gav abstain due to Conflict of Interest.

Chairman’s Update

Please support with BC communication.


Nicky and Gav to represent the views of the committee on the rule changes.  Agreed by all the committee.