GB Freestyle Committee Meeting Minutes 1.3.2018

Minutes of GB Freestyle Committee Meeting – 01/03/2018

Attendance & Apologies


Andrew Jackson – Chairman

Joshua Wedgwood – Vice Chairman

Justin Bunn – Welsh Representative

Rachel Dance – Scottish Representative

Craig Ayres – Member

Tim Ward – Team Manager

Nicola Beeby – Treasurer

Alice Shute – Welfare



Gav Barker – Member

Lee Pary – Events


Conflict of Interest

  • Nicola will be in receipt of the athlete rebate so did not contribute to the vote.
  • Jacko and Tim in receipt of expenses so committee scrutinised these.

Success Monitoring

  • Alan Ward organised the Nile River Festival 2018 with good feedback. This can be incorporated into British Events.
  • Article in Canoe Focus/Paddler advertising Younguns Freestyle and Hurley Classic. 3 pages each.
  • British Canoeing having committed time to the INSPIRE progress. Hoping to put an advert out in these.
  • Scottish continent likely to be in attendance at the Hurley Classic.

Finance and Budget

Athlete Rebate and Coach Costs for Argentina 2017 World Championships

Committee investigated these items and are satisfied with the paying of expenses. Athlete rebate to be £130.

Argentina 2017
Expenses Income Total
2017 GB FS £7,000.00
01.08.17 A Jackson £2,772.92 Bruce, Den, Jacko Flights, car hire
07.08.17 Tim Ward £1,145.46 Tim Flight
27.09.17 Team Kit £200.00 Team Kit
18.10.17 A Jackson £49.99 Car Insurance
18.10.17 Team Kit £151.25 Tam Kit
20.11.17 Entry Fees £2,850.90 Entry
20.11.17 Judges £1,469.10 Judges Expenses and travel costs
20.11.17 Admin £13.50 Exchange Rate costs
22.12.17 Tim Ward £113.70 Sundry Travel Expenses
22.12.17 A Jackson £544.81 Boarder Crossing Fuel Insurance etc
09.11.17 Insurance £872.41 Paddlers Insurance taken from BCU
19/02/180 Dennis Expense £42.70
19/02/180 Dennis Expense £52.80
Total £10,279.54 -£3,279.54
Euro Champs
16.10.17 HPP £1,000.00 Course Hire Charges
Food £40.26
Charcoal £27.15
Fuel £30.00
114 entries at £30.00 £3,420.00 £1161.30 50% of profit to be used for team
. River Legacy Donation £650.00 £650.00
Athlete Contribution £4,200.00 £4,200.00


4 Year Plan

Nice to role out at the classic but not possible. JW to organise a role out with the committee.


Hurley Classic coming together. Welsh open has been advertised.

Upcoming Events

  • Hurley Classic – 17th & 18th March
  • Women in Sport Freestyle Event 10th March
  • Date for Welsh Open – 6th May
  • Selection – 19th May
  • European Open including British and Club Championships scheduled for first weekend in September
  • Event in Wales – Justin & Lowri
  • Event in Scotland – Rachel/Bruce
  • Lower Key – Boulters & Tees
  • Younguns – Dates have been set.
  • Nottingham Freestyle League and Cardiff Freestyle League

Welsh & Scottish Matters

No Welsh or Scottish matters.


Hurley Classic being worked at the moment. BC review currently underway.

Team Matters

Selection Policy

Still some minor alterations to be made. Committee members to suggest changes.

Worlds 2017

TW to email Gemma and Anna regarding concerns on Athlete behaviour at the worlds.

Chairman’s Update

Discipline chairs meeting held last Tuesday.

  • Terms of reference under review. BC need to come forward with a proposal but at the same time, them not coming forward is an opportunity.
  • BC are taking note of kit changes.
  • New system active in Scotland and Wales. Now a matter of months and years.

Publicity rota:

Month Person
March Nicola Beeby
April Justin Bunn
May Josh Wedgwood
June Craig Ayres
July Rachel Dance
August Tim – Euros
September Gav Barker
October Alice Shute