GB Freestyle Committee Meeting Minutes 12.4.2018 & 3.5.2018

April Meeting

Success Monitoring:

Hurley Classic a great success once again. High quality event.

Selection policy agreed.

Finance & Budget

Nicky to meet with Bev for Handover – face to face.

Welsh Matters

Event at the Tryweryn needed. Welsh open 6th May.

May Meeting

Success Monitoring

50 Entries for the Cardiff Open event.

Rota publicity system working well.

Younguns @ Nene. 30-40 in attendance.


British Canoeing to take over managing discipline committee finances. Nicky to chat with BC and Bev about the easiest way to transition. No recent funds outgoing.

James to create a proposal for funds for the European Open

4 Year Plan

Feedback by next Friday please.


Events section on website is still 2017. Needs updating.

Welfare and Safety

British Canoeing require us to produce a safety checklist. Alice will develop and put on website.

Welsh Open safety plan is on website.


Alan would like to make a webcam feed for Hurley. Committee have agreed to fund the project up to £300 (quoted by Alan) for installation of the system. Need to check with BC regarding video safe guarding issues.