Minutes of GB Freestyle Committee Meeting – 07/06/2018 – 1930

Minutes of GB Freestyle Committee Meeting – 07/06/2018 – 1930

Attendance & Apologies


Andrew Jackson – Chairman

Nicola Beeby – Treasurer

Alice Shute – Welfare (Present past 8.15pm)

Justin Bunn – Welsh Representative

Gav Barker – Member

Tim Ward – Team Manager



Craig Ayres – Member

Rachel Dance – Scottish Representative

Lee Parry – Events


Conflict of Interest

  • None noted

Success Monitoring

  • Selection
    • run over one day
    • 41 people entered – up 5 on last year
    • General feel that this was a very good selection process
      • Did not use more volunteer time than necessary
      • Team sorted in one day so no protracted process
    • Welsh Open
      • 2 Articles to be published from the event
      • More to follow from LP

Finance and Budget

  • NB not taken over from Bev Crimes yet as Bev will complete this accounting year
  • AJ and NB to work out a hand over plan in consultation with Bev
  • NB currently working on creating a GBFS asset list as we do not currently have these records.

4 Year Plan

FYP has been sent out to committee. Unclear on comments about this document as no minutes from previous meetings have been issued. AJ to chase those minutes with JW.

AJ expressed frustration that the plan had not been launched to public consultation after asking for this to be completed in a given time frame that has now passed. Committee recognised that this was something we had to action and get moving.


Welsh open and GB Selection happened in May. Both were deemed successful.

Building towards the Euro Open with James Ibbotson and NB coordinating with GB FS in the running of that event. Some discussion was held over whether the future of that event may lay with it being organised and run by a team similar in operation to the Hurley Classic event. AJ to talk further with James Ibbotson, LP, NB and British Canoeing.

Welsh & Scottish Matters

Some discussion was held over the future of CIWW Freestyle as there have been some management changes and our usual lead contact is currently on extended leave. JB and LP to coordinate with CIWW to make sure the progress that has been made there does not slip.


AS has produced an event organiser tick list document for circulation to all GB FS event organisers.  AJ will coordinate with AS to make sure this happens.

Team Matters

TW – advised / working on

  1. Selection was successful
  2. Confirmation of places is happening right now
  3. Staff arrangements are happening right now
  4. Budget for the event
  5. Asking our judges if they have been asked to be at this event and who is covering their costs. TW will keep Gemma Wiggs at BC in the loop on this information.

AJ Advised

  1. Performance Director and Team Manager now working with our £10000 team specific budget and will make recommendations for approval by GB FS Committee.
  2. There was one Mitigation application that did due process. As AJ thought this required no further action he checked with JW and sent the Mitigation Panel recommendation as response
    1. This did then get appealed. The MP then advised there were no new considerations of fact so AJ as Chairman advised the same response.
    2. AJ raised with the committee how time consuming this was and asked that in revue that we request a £100 cost (returning if found if favour) on appeals against initial decisions. The committee agreed on this matter. It has to be clear that this is not a money raising process but is more to deter people appealing where there are no grounds just because they can

Publicity Rota

Junes Committee publicity person was due to be CA however as he was not at the meeting GB agreed to do this.

NB to talk with CA to see if he can do July and TW will do August as part of the team updates to home from the Euros.

Selection Policy and Review

GB agreed on request from AJ to take a lead on this and is attending a meeting at BC later this month.

Chairman’s Update

AJ led with some insight into where we are now, our FYP and our budget. He expressed frustration at our ability to be agile and move things forwards quickly. He explained collaboration principles and his understanding of how these fitted into BC’s FYP ‘Stronger Together’. His frustration was led on the fact of the limitation on people’s voluntary time and how the requirements for progress stretch these, sometimes past breaking point.    GB expressed that where progress needs extra non voluntary input then this should be budgeted into the project. A good example is the Inspirer program where AJ said he had two days work to get this up and running. He did not think he could look at it without turning down other work (and income) until end of July at the earliest. This is too slow. Another example would be where opportunities come at us that would provide momentum towards our own FYP – take participation where right now we have the chance to run a ladies festival event but need to quickly invest.

The committee recognised this problem and wish to solve it very quickly. A three person committee will be formed who can sanction spending up to £500. This committee will initially through experience and then gradually through the creation of documented procedure make judgement. AJ will make recommendations to GB FS committee on whom these people might be.

There are severe conflicts of interest and the balance of volunteer time against employed time. This will not be an easy thing to do but the committee as a whole thought they had to find a method to address this. Every committee member considered that they would need to keep a close eye on how this worked to ensure the highest levels of integrity were maintained.



The meeting Closed at 2045

Minutes prepared by AJ

Minutes checked by NB