Minutes of GB Freestyle Committee Meeting – 12/07/18 – 1930

Minutes of GB Freestyle Committee Meeting – 12/07/18 – 1930
Attendance & Apologies
Andrew Jackson – Chairman
Alice Shute – Welfare
Gav Barker – Member
Craig Ayres – Member
Rachel Dance – Scottish Representative

Nicola Beeby – Treasurer
Tim Ward – Team Manager
Justin Bunn – Welsh Representative
Lee Parry – Events

Conflict of Interest
• None noted

Follow Up Actions from previous meeting
Contained in these minutes with no specific notes required
Success Monitoring
• Series of comps already held over the summer results. A HUGE WELL DONE everyone that took part. You all made us proud.
o Makinito France – Rob Crowe 3rd in Mens’, Otti Robinson Shaw 1st in Junior Ladies’, Harry Price 3rd in Junior Mens’.
o Milau Natural Games France – Rob Crowe 1st Mens’, Islay Crosbie 2nd Ladies’, Lowri Davies 3rd Ladies’, Otti Robinson Shaw 1st Junior Ladies’, Harry Price 2nd Junior Mens’, Alan Ward 3rd Boater X, Lowri Davies 3rd BoaterX
• Ladies Freestyle Festival weekend has been advertised and will take place this weekend. Response levels have been high and the idea very well received across social platforms.
Finance and Budget
• AJ, NB and Bev Crimes now worked out a hand over plan for NB to take over in October.
• Accounts will move to BC at that point with Nicky’s role being
o To keep an eye on our accounts to ensure no discrepancies
o To be the person from the committee who sanctions payments
o To present financial situation to the committee at monthly meetings
o To report at the ACM
• NB currently working on creating a GBFS asset list as we do not currently have these records.
4 Year Plan
FYP now launched. No consultation period was under taken. AJ expressed that this was an error but he had decided to let it run. No negative comments have been received. 4 people have already come forwards to offer support.
AJ expressed that we now need to be running our meetings by reporting against the FYP. On 13 September the committee have put a training evening in so that they all understand everything in the plan and take on specific tasks.
JB reported back VIA email that the Tryweran YGFS was a huge success. Loads of fun, smiles and friends made.
GB reported back on the ICF World Cups. There was some dissatisfaction that athletes were asked by organisers to pay extra money once they arrived on site. GB will construct a positive note to ICF making suggestions as to how this could be managed better.
Welsh & Scottish Matters
RD reported in that there was bi weekly activity going on at Pinkstone. She asked about other support for Scotland and CA will coordinate with RA to try and get a Scottish Festival short coaching session concept off the ground like is happening with our Ladies Freestyle Festival.
JB reported that following a phone call from Cardiff Whitewater centre, he has had a meeting with Tyler, & he’s agreed to run some free coached sessions on a Friday night to build some support for the CIWW Freestyle league. We’ll put some dates together and get them promoted via social media with a view to increasing freestyle participation.

He also spoke to Tyler about the August Freestyle league and is happy to help him organise/run in whatever capacity he can. There is concern that it’s in holiday season, and there may not be many people around, so they are putting out feelers to see who’s likely to attend. Tylers keen to get some of the TVF to attend if possible.

CA advised that he is likely to be moving to Crickhowel l so will be available to help at Cardiff. This is a great opportunity as CA is an elite standard FS paddler with coaching experience.
AJ asked that for any GBFS led workshops that AS ensure all risk management procedures are in place. AS will talk with NB who is leading from the committee on the Ladies Freestyle Festival weekend.
Team Matters
Some discussion was held around what to do if athletes do not abide to the ‘Athlete Agreement’. This was a broad discussion that informed the committee of the process and asked that they at future date have ideas for how we would deal with this.
Team preparations for the Euros are in place with entry set to go in shortly. There has been a little team shuffling as selected athletes decide whether to take their places.
CA asked for the decision not to offer non taken team places past reserve to be reconsidered. AJ agreed this would be done as part of the annual Selection Policy Review.
Publicity Rota
Publicity Rota idea has been very successful with a now active FB feed. AJ Asked about Twitter and Instagram and details of the accounts will be found.
The rota will continue but the committee decided to open up its social and website accounts to all committee members so that they can post as and when they desired. For the web each member can also get active – for example our calendar is still 2017!
Selection Policy and Review
GB had been to a meeting at BC regarding aligning selection policy across the disciplines. GB will coordinate that with a view to having the 2019 Selection Policy ready around October with a view to having 2019 selection in March of that year.
Chairman’s Update
AJ advised that he had received an email from Alan Ward asking about the future of Squirt. He will send that email out to all the committee for consultation and the matter will be discussed further in the next meeting.
The meeting Closed at 2045
Minutes prepared by Andrew Jackson
Minutes checked by Alice Shute