Minutes of Committee Meeting 02/08/2018


Joshua Wedgwood

Nicola Beeby

Craig Ayres

Success Monitoring:

Ladies freestyle event was highly successful with 20+ people in attendance. Great feedback on the event.

Actions arising and following up from last meeting:

JW to organise printing of FYP and think about what can be done at the European Open.

CA to contact Bruce et al around Scottish freestyle.

We will run another HPP Females session. End of September. NB to look dates.

All to think about how to spend funding.

Potentially Gav to post during European Championships on Facebook page.

JW to review Anna Grey Terms of Reference Email and action as appropriate.

European Open accounts have started to be generated with invoices coming in currently.

JW to Start thinking about an ACM. Nottingham last year. Could we do multiple locations and have a google hangout to connect people. Does this meet the requirements of the ACM? Need to agree on this at September committee meeting to allow for 40 days notice to be given.