Minutes of GB Freestyle Committee Meeting – 04/10/18 – 1930

Minutes of GB Freestyle Committee Meeting – 04/10/18 – 1930

Attendance & Apologies
Andrew Jackson – Chairman

Nicola Beebe – Treasurer

Alice Shute – Welfare

Gav Barker

Justin Bunn – Welsh Rep

Rachel Dance – Scottish Rep

Craig Ayres

Tim Ward- Team Manager


Josh Wedgewood – Vice Chairman


Conflict of Interest
• None noted

  1. Follow Up Actions from previous meeting
    1. To find a secretary – JW has now written the advert and this will be posted on our web and Facebook feed – JW to action
    2. Annual awards – JW has sent through nominations for Bev Crimes and Tim Ward
    3. August Committee Meeting
    4. 10 November HPP set JW notified  via web channels and GB will link this to Facebook
  2. Success Monitoring –
    1. Welsh 15th September – really good event – Committee need to thank Ness. 15 paddlers for whole day and a few more dropping in and out. Event format was a paddle together and help each other format and then comp was something everyone could be involved with – casual event. JB to thank Ness on our behalf.
    2. YGFS Boulters 15 kids great series final with loads of fun, skills coaching and competition.
  3. Finance and Budget –
    1. Accounts hand over end of October . NB to talk to Bev about this
    2. AJ has asked NB to compile both an asset list and expenses policy
    3. AJ has asked NB to source I & E details of Euro Open
  4. 4 Year Plan – 13 September meeting (as above)
    1. What now? AJ to ask Chris Walters if he can help with ideas for how to do this
  5. Events –
    1. AS to compile event organiser check list
    2. Selection dates 31 March HPP with Back up 20 April confirmed and published
  6. Welsh & Scottish Matters
    1. Welsh – trying to get meeting with Ben and trying to work out dates with our website. Also working with craig to try and do more at Cardiff
    2. Scottish- Work ongoing at Pinkstone to move blocks around and gain optimal configuration which would include a good freestyle feature.
  7. Welfare – No new issues – going to create and keep a register DBS – a private document
  8. Team Matters –
    1. Team Matters – From July meeting committee feedback on what to do if Athletes do not abide to the athlete agreement. .
    2. TW explained the issue with the Athletes Agreement and what we do if an athlete does not conform. He then went on to explain specific issues where this may create problems.

The committee heard this and asked that the current Athlete Agreement is reviewed with feedback provide. GB advised that he was already working on this as part of the ongoing development of our selection and team structures.

TW further explained that the issues he had disclosed had involved two athletes and despite him taking a course of action to try and deal with this that the athletes had not responded to his attempts to communicate. These communications were made on several occasions and in line with the Athlete Agreement.

AJ advised that this had been a protracted process going on since December 2017 and that he had asked BC to get involved with this. This was because the parties involved were representative in BC not just through freestyle. No resolution had come from that action.

The committee then asked that the Chairman (AJ) write to the parties involved laying out the issues and asking for an answer or rationale as to why they would not answer. He was asked to report back at next meeting on the outcome of this.


  1. TW will create a report based on his committee report from last meeting on the Euros. AJ will read and countersign this document before it is sent.
  2. report Tim to write and Jacko to CC
  1. Publicity –Web and FB channels now open AJ reported that our website is in need on some work as the back end had not been updated for some time. He had struggled with this as he has not been able to find the password and user name to access the necessary areas. TW will contact Chris Poertus who we believe set it up originally. It was noted that the committee generally thought the web site was a dated asset and as such further investigation should be made to provide options.
    1. GB had already done some investigation and suggested that Jon Best (former GB Team) could build something for GB FS – – initial questions  led to – GB to ask Jon about usability
    2. More great publicity in Canoe Wales Magazine coming through JB
  2. Selection Policy and Review –
    1. GB chatted with DN (Performance Director) about another person on Selection Panel. This was agreed as something they will move forwards with.
    2. Selection policy should be finished before next meeting but will need to go through a consultation process
    3. Not offering places past team selected – from July meeting… Committee statement on this matter. GB will put this out with the new selection policy
  3. Chairman’s Update
    1. Three person panel to sanction spend up to £500 on projects – AJ with NB to set up a spending guidance and authorisation procedure
    2. Moving meetings to new structure reporting on FYP – Over the next few months the meeting structure will start to evolve so that it represents reporting on our FYP. JW and AJ to lead this will be a couple of months
    3. Development pathway – almost with us..
    4. Inspirers – final documents now sent to committee for review. Adverts to go out in November for Inspirers.
  4. AOB –

The meeting Closed at 2045
Minutes prepared by Andrew Jackson- Chairman
Minutes checked by – Nicola Beebe Committee member