Minutes of Committee Meeting 1/11/2018


Andrew Jackson

Nickey Beeby

Alice Shute

Gav Barker

Justin Bunn

Craig Ayres

Joshua Wedgwood


Tim Ward

Actions from last meeting

Josh to re-share

Volunteer awards

Success Monitoring

Launch of

Event organiser checklist created.

2 coach workshops being run by Lowri & 1 Dan Daley across the country.


Nicky progressing handover to BC.

Accounting period 1st November to 31st October.

Currently difficult to understand itemisation

Require accounts for ACM. Bev will have accounts ready for ACM next weekend.

4 year plan

Looking at the best way to project manage. Need to find a way to get this up and moving, how best to oversee. How do BC manage their 4 year plan? Software/people? JW to follow up with Anna.

List of actions needs to be extracted from document. JW.


Event organiser checklist to be added to website.

Selection dates. Backup date has changed. 20th to 28th April.

Bren’s parkjam looking popular.


Gav and Jon have created an updated website. Facelift. Pull down current content from website.

Go with the launch when Gav and Jon are ready + 2 days for committee comment.

Making use of sharing the Instagram account around to generate more content. Nicky to dig out Instagram password. Gav to chase Ibbo more.

Craig to pull together Nile special tribute.

Welsh/Scottish Matters

Freestyle league article in Canoe Wales

Freestyle coach awards being run by Lowri on the Dee (also in Nottingham).

Criag looking to work with CIWW on feature improvement.

No update on Scottish Matters

Welfare Matters

Nothing significant to update.

All committee members to email Alice with numbers of their DBS check… or not if they don’t have one. We should be aiming for all committee members to have check to make sure we are all covered. Alice to update all the committee.

Team Matters

Judges confirmed for selection events.

Feedback for the European Championships sent to ECA and response given by Albert Woods.

Tim has chased new course manager for date availability for selections – confirmed.

Bruce has a friend with a hostel in Sort, do we want to reserve spaces?

Selection Policy Review

1st draft was sent out. A few suggestions made. Want to have a consultation period, select few members of team to review.

3 places at the worlds for K1JW.

Select to current rules/appendicies – changes will not be in place with sufficient time for athletes to cater.

Chairman’s Update

Inspirers program sent to BC to create an advert.

Jacko and Josh have been working on a World Championships Participant Driven Plan. Multi-pronged approach required to get the ICF over the line. Need to use the committee to start off with as a sounding board for ideas.

Committee to feedback.


HPP may want to go back to last year’s winter format. Gav has requested features remain. Leave sluice & another hole. Working group/decision group with Jon on. Plan is to put twin back in, and maybe tardis.