4 Year Plan

Future of Freestyle: GB Freestyle 4 Year Plan

The GB Freestyle Committee are delighted to present Future of Freestyle – the new 4 year strategic plan for Freestyle Canoeing and Kayaking in Great Britain.

Future of Freestyle presents the aims and objectives of GB Freestyle over the next 4 years. Many of these directly support the ambitions of British Canoeing as presented in the Stronger Together Document. Others are freestyle specific objectives.

Freestyle in Great Britain is in a very exciting place currently. We have many of the World’s top athletes, growing national competitions and the honour of hosting the 2021 World Freestyle Championships.

The 4 year plan has been broken down to an overall aim for GB Freestyle and 8 objectives that must be achieved to reach this aim. Key performance indicators are there to track the progress towards these objectives and action plans on how to achieve the objectives are also presented.

This strategy document is the blueprint, for our sports evolution over the next 4 years. Its not a huge amount of time, yet if we get this right the plan will have a much longer lasting positive impact on the future of our sport. Of course a plan is only useful if it is carried out and what needs to follow is passionate support from the Freestyle Community and British Canoeing.

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