Getting Started

Freestyle Competition

Have you ever had a go at paddling a short-ish freestyle boat on flat or moving water? Or tried surfing, enders or cartwheels? If so then you are already on your way to being a freestyle paddler and competition could be the next step for you.

If you want to get started in competitions, have a look at the competition dates and choose an event that is close to you. Choose the class and category that is most appropriate for you (novice, intermediate or elite check out the individual event details for more info on which rules are being used for each category). Then sign up beforehand online or turn up on the day (depending on the event), bring your friends along with you and have a go!… and don’t forget to find out about any coaching at the event.

New to Kayaking?

If you are new to paddle sports get in touch with your local canoe club (BCU Site) who are likely to have a variety of boats for you to try, and can give advice on how to master the basics.

Youth Events

If you are 18 or under check out the Younguns Freestyle Series Tab which are open to all young paddlers, regardless of ability or experience and offer a fun and exciting way to get involved in competitive freestyle paddling with events all across the UK.

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