Younguns Freestyle Series

Younguns Freestyle – The Tryweryn from on Vimeo.

The Younguns Freestyle series is a number of one-day events aimed at progressing white-water paddlers. It is open to any 18 and under paddlers with a fairly reliable white-water roll who want to improve their freestyle or white water paddling or who want to take part in a fun freestyle competition. There are 3 age categories as well as a novice category so you will be with other paddlers of your own age and ability. If you want to learn Freestyle in a relaxed and informal atmosphere the this series is for you.

A typical Youth Freestyle event¬† will begin with paddling workshops in the morning where you can work on your moves from the basic to the most advanced depending on your experience. This will be followed by a fun freestyle competition. For beginners the emphasis is on fun and you will score points for just about anything that puts a smile on the judges faces! The day often ends with a YFS “special” event, a crazy affair only loosely connected to Freestyle or kayaking. We are also lucky to have some very generous sponsors and each event is a prize-fest with lots of spot prizes for those that catch the eye of the judges.

The fun format works and we are proud that the entire junior GB team and several of the senior team have come through the Youth Freestyle route.

It doesn’t matter if you have no previous experience of competition or if you’re on the GB team – the competition caters for all levels of paddler.

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