Team GB 2014

The 2014 European Championships are to be held from the 26th – 30th August 2014 in Cunovo, Slovakia.

The GB Team for 2014 is as follows:

Pos. Name
Team Rob Crowe
Team Alan Ward
Team James Bebbington
Team James Weight
Team Gav Barker
Res Jon Best
Squad Craig Ayres
Squad Bren Orton
Squad Andy Brinkley
Team Islay Crosbie
Team Gabby Bates
Team Paula Volkmer
Res Rachel Bovill
Squad Claire O’Hara
Squad Sally Montgomery
Team Adam Ramadam
Team Josh Wedgwood
Team Andrew Goodsell
Res James Ibbotson
Squad Craig Ayres
Squad George Hayworth Hill
Team Jake Norman
Team Jonathan Williams
Team Hugo Scott
Res Luke Wilson
Squad Tom Goddard
Squad Charlie Blackpool
Team Kim Aldred
Team Emma Witherford
Res Jen McGaley
Squad Becka Eva
Squirt M
Team Ben Aldred
Team Sam Wilson
Team Alex Edwards
Team Dan McGaley
Res Richard Pawley
Squad Hugh Mandelstam
Squirt W
Team Jen McGaley
Team Emma Witherford
Squad Claire O’Hara
Squad Dee Paterson

Note: Those team members who are unable to attend the European Championships have been listed as Squad members.

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