Team GB 2016

The following team was selected over two weekends of the 23rd and 30th of January 2016 to represent Great Britain at the 2016 European Freestyle Kayak Championships 2016 at Plattling, Germany.

Position Name
Team Rob Crowe
Team Gav Barker
Team Jake Norman
Team Alan Ward
Team Sam Wilson
Reserve Craig Ayres
Squad Nick Beavis
Squad Dean Horrell
Team Nicola Beeby
Team Islay Crosbie
Team Claire O’Hara
Reserve Emma Witherford
Squad Kimberlee Aldred
Squad Gabby Bates
Team Andrew Goodsell
Team Craig Ayres
Team James Ibbotson
Reserve Rob Goodsell
World Champion Hugo Anthony
Team Noah Phillips
Team Matt Stephenson
Reserve Alex Walters
Squad Harry Price
Squad Joe Foster
Team Sophie McPeak
Team Ottillie Robinson Shaw

*World Champions from the previous championships are invited to compete in an automatically selected place for their nation.